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Office Expansion and Summer Hours

Office Expansion and Summer Hours

June 13, 2018
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If you came by our office during tax season, you may have noticed a big change.  During the months of September 2017 thru January 2018 we expanded our office to the entire top floor of our building.  This included not only a lot of small renovations, but also technological enhancements.  After a long wait we were very happy to be officially up and running by January 22, 2018.  The expansion has allowed us to segment our tax and investment businesses to different sides of the office, as well as provide additional room for reception and processing.  We moved and expanded the size of our conference room and now have a supplementary, small conference room to handle any overflow of meetings.  The entrance to our office has also changed, slightly.  Where once you were able to get to us by the front of the building, now the only access is via the back glass door, facing the parking lot (see the image above).  Our hope is that having the one entrance will make it simpler for all to enter the office.  If you hadn't come by earlier in the year, feel free to drop by anytime during our normal hours to see our new layout.  Speaking of, during the summer, we typically close the office one hour earlier at 4pm.  However, if you need to meet/talk beyond those hours, we can always schedule a time that accommodates you.