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Wealth Planning

Tailored Wealth Planning

No matter where your financial life is, you need a wealth plan that aligns with your own, unique goals.  Creating, adhering to and monitoring a financial plan helps take out the guess work of the future, reduces anxiety about money and therefore allows one to focus on what matters most.  

<strong>Tailored Wealth Planning</strong>

Wealth Accumulation Planning: Many clients are still accumulating wealth from their employment, business or other professions. All of our clients, however, are eager to know whether what they have already accumulated or plan to acquire will be sufficient to comfortably achieve their goals. Through rigorous quantitative and subjective analysis, we guide our clients to reliable conclusions on the following topics: cash flow analysis and management (where does your money go/come from); budgeting; insurance needs analysis (do you have too much/not enough); retirement planning; education funding; goal funding; estate planning.

Estate Planning: Wealth transfer is a very sensitive area of wealth planning as it involves the often lethal combination of love and money as well as the harrowing thought of one’s own life ending, or that of a loved one’s. We utilize many estate planning strategies, including the use of wills and trusts, optimal forms of property ownership, estate and gift tax minimization, philanthropic uses and approaches for property transfer between spouses and through the generations of the client’s family. We work with our clients’ attorneys to craft and implement family limited partnerships, family LLC’s, stock option transfers, special needs, incentive, and dynasty trusts, as appropriate, to clients’ goals.

Risk Management: We review and assess all risks that our clients face, such as property loss, liability, health, disability, etc., and evaluate how best to manage those exposures. We serve to either assist our clients to "self-insure" or conversely use insurance or some other structure to avoid or mitigate the risk.  It is important to note that we have no interest in any particular solution. Our clients can therefore depend on a thoroughly competent and unbiased assessment of their overall insurance needs - a combination very difficult to find elsewhere.  Our role is to determine optimal amounts and structure of the insurance utilizing a proprietary life-insurance needs assessment.  From there we work with independent insurance brokers to place needed coverage at minimum expense.

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