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Income Tax Preparation

Professional Income Tax Preparation

We provide income tax preparation services for federal, state and local returns. Electronic filing (e-File) is available for all returns accepted in that fashion by the federal and state authorities.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients with convenience during the tax filing season as well as offering competitive rates. 

Professional Income Tax Preparation

We offer our clients the ability to:

  • Make an appointment to come to our office and have their returns prepared during the meeting – please note this could take several hours, and depending upon the integrity of the information provided, could result in additional meetings;
  • Drop-off their tax-related information at our office and return to pick it up once their return is prepared;
  • Take advantage of our virtual convenience. Through our secure client web portal our clients are able to upload and share their tax and other related documents with us. All that is needed is a scanner/camera and internet connection.

We prepare returns for the following entities:

  • Individuals/Families;
  • Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping entities;
  • Non-profit/Charities;
  • Sole Proprietorships;
  • Partnerships;
  • Limited Liability Companies;
  • Subchapter S and C Corporations.

We also offer services in the following arenas:

  • Payroll Tax Returns (i.e., Forms W2 and W4);
  • Informational Returns (i.e., Forms 1098 and 1099).


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