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Our Commitment

The following is our commitment to our clients and the principles we strive to uphold

Our Firm differentiates itself from others through our Four Point Commitment to Excellence:

  • Our team of professionals bring broad and deep education and experience across the multiple disciplines of the services we offer
  • Our services are tailored to our client’s specific and unique situation and needs
  • We offer the highly personal level of service of a small firm, with the resources of a much larger one
  • Our clients receive greater value from our services, as our expenses are some of the lowest in the industry

<strong>Our Principle</strong>

Our Principle

Our company is based on the following of one key principle: acting as a fiduciary.

fi•du•ci•ar•y: One…that stands in a special relation of trust, confidence, or responsibility in certain obligations to others.

All of the services that MWA provides require an integrated and vigorous client relationship. In all aspects of these services, MWA acts in the capacity of a fiduciary to its clients. We take our role as a fiduciary to our clients very seriously and always endeavor to uphold it.  Our mission is to provide our services in the following manners (the 3 Cs of MWA):

Comprehensive: To achieve maximum efficiency for its clients, MWA takes a comprehensive approach to its services. Members of the firm are trained, licensed, and educated in their specific area of expertise. The often complex services we provide require skilled individuals who can offer our clients smart solutions to meet their needs. Each client has unique financial goals; our comprehensive approach allows us to achieve those goals.

Convenience:  We understand that most people are increasingly busy in their everyday lives, and that they do not have time to give their financial lives the attention it deserves. That is where MWA comes in; to provide our clients with a convenient venue in which to, for instance, prepare their taxes, or, in a business owner’s case, process their payroll. Many times our members will meet a client at their home or place of business, or perhaps after normal business hours or on a weekend. Regardless, our goal is to provide as much convenience as possible to our clients, so that they are comfortable and have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in their financial lives.

Cost-effective:  MWA offers competitive rates by providing cost-effective services. We follow a clear and fair fee structure. Our clients will always know what service they are paying for and how that service relates to achieving the goals within their financial lives.

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