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Roller-coaster Week in Washington

Roller-coaster Week in Washington

October 07, 2021

Debates over government debt, taxes, and infrastructure have captured the attention of the nation this week. All eyes are on Washington and Wall Street as these events play out, with potentially far-reaching consequences that seem to shift hour by hour.

Throughout September, the markets have reacted to legislative decisions that could raise taxes for some, as well as hotly contested measures to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling. Markets appear headed to some of their lowest monthly returns in over a year.

While this sort of conflict makes for absorbing cable news, it can also leave investors with an uneasy feeling. The truth is that by working with a financial professional, you’ve already taken steps to create an overall financial strategy that can weather changing circumstances. In any long-term investment lifecycle, there will be some roller-coaster political weeks.

Your best move may be to stay connected and reach out if you’d like to chat. I’m monitoring these events closely, and I’m happy to discuss any concerns you may have in the coming days and weeks.

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