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What's This Market Rally All About?

What's This Market Rally All About?

February 11, 2021

Recently, the world has watched with great interest as a few companies have seen surprising rallies in their stock prices. You may have read stories of individual investors gaining massive returns on their investments, thanks to this phenomenon. However, many of these same assets have quickly suffered steep declines following their initial boost.1

During times like these, it can be tempting to pile into an asset that has seen such rapid growth. The excitement of the moment or the fear of missing out can cause even the savviest investor to act when they usually wouldn't. 

But what matters is what you do next. Right now, perhaps the best thing for your long-term future is to remove emotion from the equation. Remember, your investment strategy has been crafted to help pursue your long-term goals, regardless of what markets do in the short-term. 

Volatile markets can be unnerving, but you’re always welcome to give me a call with your questions. Rest assured, we’re keeping a close eye on the markets, and most importantly, watching for any new long-term trends that may emerge on your behalf.

1., February 1, 2021

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